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    Monday - Friday
    8.30am-10.00am and

    Additional consulting times are run when possible:
    11.00am-12.30pm and
    Monday - Friday

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    (urgent cases only)

    (urgent cases only)

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    Southcrest Veterinary Centre
    97 Mount Pleasant
    B97 4JD

    01527 550111

24/7 emergency cover for our clients. See details under emergency cover

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Welcome to Southcrest Veterinary Centre Telephone: 01527 550111

About Us

Southcrest Veterinary Centre offers a professional and caring healthcare service for your animals. Our practice is staffed by an experienced and qualified team, who are dedicated to providing both you and your pet with the best care possible set in a friendly and warm environment.

Practice History

The practice at Mount Pleasant was established in the 1960s. Since then it has gradually expanded to its present compliment of four full time vets and two part time vets. Continuing professional development is actively undertaken via the internet and attending external courses. The practice has become an Approved Training Practice for student veterinary nurses.

Exotic Animal Interest

A long-term interest in birds and other exotic pets has developed within the practice by Jason Waine and continues more recently with Adam Lloyd-Lucas. Both vets are members of the British Veterinary Zoological Society (BVZS) and enjoy seeing birds, reptiles and small mammals from a wide area, (as well as dogs, cats and rabbits).

Supporting the Exotic Pet Awareness Day
On Saturday 3rd August, Southcrest Veterinary Centre attended the Exotic Pet Awareness Day at the Birmingham and Solihull Rugby Club.

There was a lot of interest in the amazing variety of animals on display and the weather remained mostly dry.

Our stall included a table for young children to colour in pictures of animals and practice bandage dressings on a variety of toy animals. We also displayed an overview and examples of treatments - such as X-Rays and surgery - that are performed on a variety of exotic pets, as well as various skulls showing the anatomy of the wide variations in birds and reptiles.

Referral Vets for eye problems and orthopaedics

In order to provide a better service to our patients, we have made arrangements for John Davies and Jeremy Wills, both experienced (certificate-holding) veterinary surgeons to visit our practice on a regular basis to provide an "in-house" referral service for patients requiring more specialist treatment. Their details can be found under the Staff section.


Acupuncture can be an effective form of pain relief, used alone or together with anti-inflammatory drugs. Mrs Jessica Bahlmann BVSc MRCVS offers acupuncture for both cats and dogs with hip and back pain and for chronic arthritis. For more information about acupuncture click here.