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Welcome to Southcrest Veterinary Centre Telephone: 01527 550111


We are a well-equipped small animal practice for diagnostic and surgical procedures.

Our equipment is regularly maintained and includes :

Radiography - for imaging bones and soft tissue. We have recently invested in a Digital X-Ray Processor. As an essential diagnostic aid, this new processor provides us with faster, higher quality images.

Ultrasonography: for pregnancy diagnosis and imaging internal structures.

In-House Laboratory : for fast reliable blood sample results, and microscopy.

We have just invested in the latest up-graded blood biochemistry machines so that with the same amount of blood we can process more tests with greater reliability and a faster speed than before. This means more tests are covered in our profiles - such as the pre-anaesthetic blood tests and sick animal biochemistries - with a faster turnaround time.

We can now also offer accurate tests for thyroid, cortisol and bile acids, as well as feline viral tests and urine sample (protein:creatinine ratios) tests for the detection of early stage kidney disease.

This significant upgrade will allow us to communicate the results and hence start appropriate treatments even faster than before for sick animals.

Our other existing blood machines still offer excellent comprehensive haematology and electrolyte testing as well.


Hospitalisation facilities : We have three separate hospitalisation wards, one for cats, one for dogs and one for exotic pets, to help minimise any stress (noise or smells etc) from other patients while sick animals are hospitalised under our care

Rigid endoscopy : for exotic animal diagnosis as well as use in dog/cat work.

Flexible video-endoscopy : for imaging throat, oesophagus, stomach, part of the small intestine and the colon.

We have invested in a hospital status unit with one of four flexible endoscopes of different sizes, to connect to a monitor, for easy visualisation and to aid in taking biopsies.

Dental machines : for scaling and polishing teeth (and various burrs, drills).

Cryosurgery : for freezing tissues, especially warts

Blood pressure monitor

Operating microscope

Sevoflurane and isoflurane : for fast anaesthetic recoveries

Ecg and small animal ventilator

Library and online cpd : (continual professional development) access for reference and up-to-date knowledge