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New style Passports and additional changes from December 2014

  • New Passports are being issued with laminated pages and additional information.
  • A minimum age of 12 weeks is required before Rabies vaccination
  • New rules for those travelling with 5 pets or more include:

  • Travel from a registered premises
  • Using an authorised transporter
  • Registering the movement on the TRACES system
  • or using written evidence that they are attending a show.
  • If entering the UK (or EU) and your journey began outside the EU, you must sign a declaration confirming that you do not intend to sell or transfer ownership of your pet.

Pet Passports/exports

For pets travelling abroad to the EU or further afield (e.g. Australia, Canada etc), be they dogs, cats, ferrets or birds, we will be able to supply PETS passports and export paper work/health certificates as appropriate.

Please check with DEFRA and/or the PETS helpline tel. 0870 2411710 for current requirements/conditions.


Pet Requirements (From January 2012)

From 1st January 2012, the rules for bringing dogs, cats and ferrets back into the UK have changed, in order to come more into line with the rest of Europe.

For the new pet passport system, the current requirements, lists of approved countries and routes are provided at:

Helpline: 0870 241 1710

Summary of the main requirements (for approved countries) are as follows:

  • There is a maximum of 5 pets per person travelling.
  • The animal must first be microchipped.
  • Rabies vaccination is then required.
  • 21 days must elapse before entry into the UK.
  • A valid EU Pet Passport must be obtained
  • For European countries and certain approved non-EU countries, blood sampling after the vaccination is now not required.
  • Tapeworm treatment is still necessary 1-5 days before entering the UK.
  • Tick treatment, although recommended, is now not necessary.
  • An approved route for entry to the UK will be required.

    Entry to the UK from non-approved countries:
  • Additional requirements to those above (for the approved countries) are as follows:
  • A blood sample for Rabies is required at least 30 days after vaccination.
  • This blood test must pass the minimum requirement.
  • Additional Health requirements and Certification may be needed depending on the country involved.
  • Three months must have passed after the date of the blood sample.

Rules for pets in the UK to travel to other countries have not changed.

The current requirements and export certification for the destination country are available from: Animal Health and Veterinary Laboratories Agency (AHVLA)

Quarantine will still be necessary if these rules are not met.