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Exotic Pets

Southcrest Veterinary Centre has had a long history of providing first-opinion veterinary care and advice for exotic pets. This interest had started with Jason Waine (now retired) and has now continued with Adam Lloyd-Lucas. Adam has been treating birds, reptiles and small mammals since qualifying in 1997. Our other vets have also developed their interest and skills for many of these pets as well.

Exotic Animals at Southcrest Vets

A wide variety of birds are seen from cage birds (such as zebra finches to macaws), backyard chickens, raptors and waterfowl. Mammals (from rodents and rabbits, to raccoons and skunks) and reptiles, such as tortoises, lizards and (non-venomous) snakes, are also regularly seen.

Useful Pre-Appointment Information

Details of animal husbandry (environment, diet, temperature and humidity) are very important for exotic pets (especially reptiles). This information, along with a faecal sample, can be very useful when coming in for an appointment.

Our Exotics Facilities

Exotic pets may require the same diagnostic tests as for dogs and cats including X-Rays, faecal tests, blood tests, ultrasound scans and endoscopy. We use sevoflurane anaesthetic gas for rapid recoveries and a small animal ventilator for assisted breathing (especially for reptiles). Surgeries may include relieving crop impactions in birds, and reproductive tract surgery in birds and reptiles. Small mammal neutering, dentistry and tumour removal are also commonly performed.

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