Parasite Control

Parasite Control & Prevention

Worms, ticks, fleas, mites and lice can all have a serious effect on the health of your pet.


Worming is a very important aspect of preventative medicine. Puppies can often be born with a roundworm burden (often Toxocara canis). This roundworm can cause serious problems in pups, but when shed in the faeces of puppies or adult dogs, it can go on to infect and migrate as larvae within people, where babies, young children and pregnant women are at most risk.

  • Our advice would be worming of puppies (every 2-4 weeks until 12 weeks old, then monthly until 6 months, thereafter, every 3 months) using good quality products. A similar worming routine is recommended for cats.
  • Certain dogs may need worming to prevent lungworm. These dogs are at risk if they are eating slugs or snails on a regular basis.

Ticks, Fleas, Mites and Lice

Infestation with fleas, ticks or other external parasites can cause a great deal of distress for pets. As well as causing superficial irritation some of these parasites can transmit serious blood borne diseases.  Ticks are especially prevalent in the warmer months, but fleas can be present all year round, multiplying rapidly in homes.

  • Our advice would be to treat your pets regularly with good quality products to control these parasites. We have a variety of effective spot-on or tablet treatments available.

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