Pet Travel / Exports

Pet Travel and Export Certificates

For pets travelling abroad to the EU or further afield (e.g. Australia, Canada etc), be they dogs, cats, or ferrets, we will be able to supply Animal Health Certificates (AHC) and export paper work as appropriate.

Pet Travel Requirements

Please check with DEFRA and/or the PETS helpline tel. 0870 2411710 or for current requirements/conditions.

 Pet Travel to the EU

The UK has now left the EU. For the purposes of pet travel the UK has been reclassified as a third country in annexe 2. This means that previously issued EU passports are no longer valid for travel to the EU from the United Kingdom. If you wish to travel with your pets to an EU country you must:

  1. Make sure your pet has a microchip
  2. Ensure your pet has a valid up to date Rabies vaccination. You cannot travel sooner than 21 days after an initial vaccine
  3. Bring your pet to the surgery for an Animal Health Certificate to be issued within 10 days of your intended date of travel. Make sure you inform us of your country of entry into the EU as the certificate will have to be in English and the language of that country
  4. Bring your pet to the surgery for a tapeworm treatment within 5 days of travel if travelling to Norway, Finland, Malta, Northern Ireland or Republic of Ireland

Please note: Animal Health Certificates are valid for 4 months for onward travel within the EU

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