Our Facilities

We are a well-equipped small animal practice for diagnostic and surgical procedures. All our equipment is regularly maintained.

Operating Theatres

We have two fully equipped operating theatres which enable us to perform multiple surgical procedures at high levels of efficiency and sterility.


Safe anaesthesia is a priority at our practice. We are able to closely watch vital parameters with our anaesthetic monitors. These can detect changes in heart rate, oxygen and carbon dioxide levels and blood pressure. Our anaesthetic machines are equipped to deliver isoflurane and sevoflurane gas. Sevoflurane is particularly important for delivering safe anaesthesia to exotic pets, birds and small mammals. We have a mechanical ventilator for supporting reptiles and birds during surgical procedures.

Hospital Wards

There may be times when your pet needs to be hospitalised. We have separate wards for cats, dogs and exotic pets. This is very important to reduce stress levels for pets in hospital. Hospitalised pets are monitored closely, and we have extra equipment such as drip fluid pumps and fluid warmers to help us deliver medications and fluids more accurately and safely.

Dog Ward

Our dog ward has several different sized cages catering for the many different sizes of our canine friends

Cat Ward

Our cat ward is situated away from the main hub of the practice, providing a quiet environment for hospitalised cats

Exotics Ward

We have a specially equipped ward for exotics. This contains the necessary vivarium’s and aviaries needed to house our patients. It is located away from noise and provides a calm environment.

Imaging Suite

We have a comprehensive in-house imaging suite, including X-Ray, Ultrasound and Rigid and Flexible Endoscopy.

Southcrest Vets X-Ray

We have a Digital X-Ray Processor for imaging bones and soft tissue. As an essential diagnostic aid, this new processor provides us with faster, higher quality images.


Our ultrasound machine is a very useful diagnostic tool for imaging internal structures in the body. We frequently use scans to assess internal organs such as heart, liver, spleen, kidneys etc. We commonly perform pregnancy scans as well.

Rigid and Flexible Endoscopy

We use our rigid endoscope for examining ears and nasal cavities in dogs and cats as well as diagnostics in birds and other exotic pets.

Our flexible endoscopes enables imaging of the gastrointestinal tract, throat and passageways in the lungs, and aids in taking biopsies and samples for diagnosis.

In-House Laboratory

We use our inhouse laboratory daily.  We are able to process blood samples through our highspeed biochemistry, blood gas and haematology machines. We can assess urine samples inhouse too, detecting early kidney failure, diabetes and urinary tract infections.  We have a microscope for looking at cytology ourselves, (cells in urine, faeces, blood, ear discharges and other body fluids) and have recently added a digital microscope to our lab that is able to send images of samples directly to specialist pathologists who can send us a report within hours of submission. We are able to offer fungal cultures for ringworm.

We can access a wide range of other tests through external laboratories.

Dental Suite

We have a dedicated area for dental procedures. Our dental machines are equipped with scalers, polishers and drills to clean, polish and extract teeth. We are also able to take radiographs of individual teeth with our digital x ray plates.

Southcrest Vets Dental Suite

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