Surgery & Operations

We can provide comprehensive surgical treatment for you pet, with our sterile operating theatres and modern operating and anaesthetic equipment.
  • We offer a pre-anaesthetic blood test to all pets admitted for operations. This blood test (analysed by our in-house blood machine) can indicate pre-existing problems (such as kidney disease) which may not be evident physically, but could lead to complications.

Routine Operations

Routine surgeries e.g. spays and castrations are carried out on weekdays. Admissions are from 8.30am and patients are usually discharged after 3pm the same day. It is important to starve your pet for twelve hours before general anesthesia.

Orthopaedic Surgery

Different types of orthopaedic surgeries are performed for fracture repairs, ligament damage, luxating patellas etc. More complicated procedures can be referred to specialists.

Soft Tissue Surgery

A wide variety of soft tissue surgeries may be performed including tumour removal, exploratory surgeries, caesareans, biopsies, hernias, obstructions, bloat (gastric torsion).

Ophthalmic Surgery

Various basic eye surgeries are commonly performed, but for more advanced surgery, we will often call on Jeremy Wills, our visiting Ophthalmology vet.

Exotic Pet Surgery

We frequently need to operate on exotic pets such as birds, reptiles and small mammals as required, in a similar way to our more familiar cat and dog operations.

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